Tai Chi Chuan

The slow Chinese art form of balance, health and relaxation. This form takes about 10 minutes to complete and if practiced every day, health benefits are immense.

Robert has been studying with a Tai Chi teacher in Florida for the last 18 years as well as teaching meditation he is also and avid practitioner of combining these disciplines to support each persons deeper search for internal harmony, achievement and highest purpose along with creating a deeper and more evidenced Virtuous Self.  The pursuit of self knowledge and internal strength and discipline is a truly personal journey.   As with any deepening journey and self improvement Tai Chi and meditation combined with acupuncture and herbal medicine assists in the creation of personal awareness and health.  Combined or practiced individually they elevate awareness to a personally powerful and transformative state of heightened self awareness, and can be practiced in only a few minutes each day with quick results noticed after only a short period of time.  Meditation in combination with physical stretching which Tai Chi can provide the potential to create self healing and will transform “problems” into opportunity, raise personal vitality, increase energy, while supporting the general regulation and function of hormones. Vital glands as well stimulating the nervous system to self regulate.  If you’d like to learn how to incorporate easy and effective meditation, Tai Chi, or awareness training, Robert will incorporate this into your personal treatment session.  Including it as part of the treatment prodical, the disciple of internal arts like meditation and Tai Chi will greatly assist in healing the dis-ease or issue being treated.

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