Stress-Related Issues

Our main objective is to take another approach to the stress response by showing you your background and your energy system which underlie the physical body and the reaction to stress, we work together, to engage you physically in learning novel approaches like meditation techniques. This is accomplished very easily once you know how stress affects you, the shift to overcome the stress response can be practiced often and when you need it most.  The need for laser focus and intent, like before a meeting is a great time to use this two minute technique.-

You will learn an effective and useful process of thought-full meditation that will become a new tool for your new response to prior routine pattern you’ve used to respond to past stressful situations. My job and what I love about this work, is creating shift.  I’ll use acupuncture as well as meditation techniques in our work together to calm the racing, nervous system (name the stress) and support bringing you back to a center point, away from the cascade effect (the current known or routine stress response.)  Thought is one of the best way to handle stress, it involves using meditation as a means to handle the assorted challenges (or thoughts of) their immediate call to action that initiate and easily create the stress response cascade.

Clinical Psychologist Wayne Dwyer and Deepok Chopra M.D. both write and speak of thoughts as a tangible and knowable thing.  A force within us, a known entity, as a tangible force this know entity is a force we possess, we have power over it. The possibility of controlling thought becomes the tour de force, or what we know to be a comprehendible truth.  This is the opportunity to begin a path of understanding the force of meditation and the affective gains it possess in the area of thought as process and shifting the outcome of prior stress response behaviors and body mechanisms toward affect. And reducing or eliminating the stress response effect on your life force. See Acupuncture- for other conditions and treatments available to effect the stress response.

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