“I’ve been going to Casey for 3 years, and her professionalism and diligence never cease to amaze me! But better yet: she cares about her patients wholeheartedly. Every time I go for a visit, she always asks about how I’m doing and takes the time to LISTEN, recommending different treatments and remedies that will help me along to recovery. It’s a pleasure to know her, as a person and a practitioner, and I always look forward to my scheduled appointments.”

– – Monica M

“Casey Corridan is not the first acupuncturist I have been to, however I need never go to any other. I first saw her 2 years ago, desperate with sciatica pain and left feeling 80% improved. By the next visit, I was at 100% .We then moved along to other issues I was having. If anything at all is not quite right, tell Casey about it. She’ll treat and improve it, and often …presto…the problem is gone! She is enormously knowledgeable and spot on in her treatment and then she gives a great massage! Finally, its the happy feeling of being in the company of such a lovely and warm human being. You’ll see……”

– Sharon S

“I started working with Casey when I had an ulcerative colitis flare-up. I was tired, bloated, suffering from backaches and inconsistent bowel movements. I was desperate to find relief beyond my medicine cabinet. After just a few sessions with Casey, the pain dissipated and I gained my energy back. I was able to go about my day normally and participate in all my favorite activities like yoga, running and going out in the city. I continue to work with Casey because of her professionalism, sweet nature and vast knowledge of the human body.”

– Margie

In short, Casey Corridan heals me on a physical, mental, and spiritual level. During each visited I am comforted and healed by her comprehensive knowledge of the inner and outer body, compassion for the human psyche, and motherly love that nourishes my spiritual well-being. Every visit appears to be scientifically methodical while guided by heavenly intuition. I attribute much of my success in reduction of anxiety, hamstring recovery, and back pain reduction to this professional and warm hearted acupuncturist.

– Stefan D

In my opinion Casey is a miracle worker! With Casey’s help my husband and I finally welcomed our first baby in September. I started treatment about two years ago initially looking to regulate my cycle so my husband and I could conceive. After uncovering some additional fertility problems, we decided to continue with acupuncture but also moved to IVF. Casey treated me every week throughout the trying process filled with many ups and down including a miscarriage, pregnancy complications and ultimately a healthy pregnancy resulting in my beautiful baby boy! She always goes above and beyond, lending an ear, recommending helpful lifestyle and dietary advice, even creating custom blends of herbs depending on the different stages of my IVF treatment and pregnancy. She is so much more than a skilled acupuncturist, she is caring, compassionate and treats you body and soul. At every appointment she asks how you are doing and truly wants to know, I feel more like her friend than her patient. Thank You Casey!

–       Christine B

Casey is an incredibly talented practitioner who strikes the perfect balance of professionalism while still caring for you as a friend. She has helped me through some very difficult times such as seasonal depression, severe anxiety, and physical pain, and has been a constant light and unwavering support through everything. Casey’s intuition and kind spirit make her treatments the highlight of every week.

– Michele H

I could not be more grateful to Casey. I suffer from endometriosis and have experienced severe pain in my lower abdomen and pelvic area for the past 11 years. Since working with Casey I have noticed that my pain level has diminished greatly. There are some weeks when I am in no pain at all. This may not seem like a big deal to some but when you spend much of your time in chronic pain it is such a gift to be pain free. I see Casey weekly and routinely take the herbs that she prescribes for me. The combination of this has been so helpful. I notice a difference right away if I do not take my herbs or if for some reason I miss my weekly session. In addition to Casey’s advanced knowledge and understanding of acupuncture she is an incredible human being. I always feel so comfortable with her and know that I am in loving hands.

-Josette T

My neck has been bothering me for years and my doctor recommended Casey to me. She fit me into her schedule right away, like a priority and I started feeling relief from neck pain. As I started getting more sessions my neck felt better for longer periods of time as Casey got to know me, she began to also treat my digestive issues and some muscle tightness in my legs from running. Overall it has been a wonderful experience!

-Amy D

I began acupuncture treatment to help deal with emotional stress and grief after my husband died. Casey’s ability with acupuncture combined with her innate caring and genuine kindness and sensitivity has helped me find respite and relief. Thank you Casey!

– JK

I have been a patient of Casey’s since she started her practice. Seeing Casey on a weekly basis is one of the best things I’ve ever done for my health and wellbeing. I receive treatment for fatigue, headaches, and immune sytem issues. When I started seeing Casey, I would experience strep infections 2-3 times a year and suffer from canker sores on a monthly basis due to a low white blood count. I was able to get immediate relief and have not had any recurrences since starting treatment. I look forward to each of my session with Casey; she not only listens compassionately to me, but also really understands intuitively when something is off or different and treats me as a whole person instead of just addressing a symptom or illness. I have recommended Casey to countless friends and colleagues over the years because of her wonderful and skillful approach to the practice of acupuncture, and I cannot imagine life without my weekly treatments!

-Marie P


My husband and I went to see Casey for fertility treatments and with her help we conceived our son within 6 months of treatment! It was an incredible experience especially since doctors didn’t know why we weren’t able to get pregnant. I continued treatments during and after pregnancy and it kept my weight, my spirits and my body well balanced. I highly recommend Casey for fertility treatments and support while pregnant!


-Sara L





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