Using Hands as healing Touch, Healing Energy Flows between the Patient and Practitioner. Breathing and meditation techniques create a healing space of peace and relaxation.

Qigong sessions can be incorporated into acupuncture session to create a deep and natural healing environment. Clearing, strengthening and balancing Qigong supports an energy field which underlies the physical realm. The personal energy centers are allowed to “synchronize” with subtle universal energy which vibrate near the Alpha and Theta brain waves present in the human body(at around the range of 14 Hz) which link the body to the energy fields present all around us. It also permeates between and through persons attuned to this harmony in nature. Qigong is used to unite the practitioner and the person, by gently placing his or her hands in certain positions around and on the body of the person receiving this balancing treatment. It is energy work through touch and breathing.

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