Pregnancy-Related Issues

Healthy couples may find they have unknown barriers to becoming pregnant
that are beyond the scope of western medicine.  These are often undiagnosed or
overlooked since lab results can be misleading or just not tell the full story.

Even if you have no physical or lab evidence that would indicate infertility, the
body needs harmony and balance at such an important time.  Undiagnosed food sensitivities,  emotional and physical imbalances can interfere with hormone balance in a way that is difficult for western tests to diagnose.  Furthermore, long-term contraceptive use leaves many women in a deeply unbalanced state, due to the long-term suppression of their natural ovulation and menstrual cycle.

Couples use acupuncture, herbs and dietary changes to re-balance the body, and
restore it to health and vitality.  Sometimes we must do this in both partners.

This process takes patience, with 3-6 or more months of regular treatment and close adherence to diet and lifestyle changes. While that may sound like a long time, it took TIME for the body to become out of balance, and it takes time for cells to regenerate and hormones to re balance themselves.  Some couples then become pregnant naturally, and others proceed with IVF with much greater success.

Once pregnant, many fertility clients then continue their acupuncture therapy to eliminate the discomfort associated with pregnancy, such as pain, morning sickness, and insomnia.

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