Postoperative Pain and Discomfort

A generalized term meaning “inflammation of tissue” postoperative wound care and relief addresses weakened and injured body cells and tissue after a surgical procedure.  We commonly use acupuncture to reduce postoperative inflammation to help joint mobility, muscle repair and rebuilding of important cell transport tissue.

Acute inflammation appears after any surgery and acupuncture therapy is very successful at treating inflammation and can speed recover by up 100’s of percentages ! usually in first session, and may continue for up to 24 hours or more.  Acupuncture speeds blood and oxygenated cells to the area to assist the white blood cells (macrophages) to literally scrub the cells clean or clear the area of expired or cells which have toxic load and need to be removed from the area.

If you have extreme pain and swelling after a surgery and would like to speed recovery, try acupuncture along with the techniques we use at Alexandria Acupuncture center

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