The water element in oriental medicine is represented by two closely related organ energies, the Kidney and the Urinary Bladder.  Stored in the kidney is the original, most abundant beginnings of yin and yang, also called primordial yin and yang nature.  The balance of this treasure is born and grows stronger with the lifelong resource, Kidney qi.  Kidney qi facilitates an array of broad and specific body functions originating from birth and is directly tied with inherent genetic traits like D.N.A. and mR.N.A.

Osteoarthritis is a condition most commonly found in menopausal women who may be prone to hormone imbalances due to their stage in the aging process.  Many studies point to the hormone adjustment in females as a major factor to the breakdown in immune system regulation which in turn may be a leading cause in Osteoarthritis inflammation process and from the oriental medicine perspective the process  of inflammation will manifest from various stages of cellular breakdown  or weakness.

The Butterfly effect has been named by progressive science as a contributor to various diseases of inflammation.  The butterfly affect outlines how the continual assault on the immune system will perpetuate a response unrelated to any one factor, yet as a whole each assault adds to the overall reduction in immune health.  We see this when the mitochondria or the cellular power-plant of each cell losses it’s ability to effectively nurture joint tissue due to the depletion of the strongest source of energy in the body; Kidney qi, yin/yang, as well as the inherited trait called Congenital Jing.   Another vital relationship to the proliferation of osteoarthritis in each patient is the connection between the lower Kidney energy connections and the relationship to the upper energy of the lungs.  Since the lungs initiate the breath this upper body function is directly affected by the kidney ability to pull in or breathe in fresh oxygenated air to the lower part of the body.   The renal artery delivers nearly one quarter of the total cardiac output of blood to the kidneys every minute, the circulation of blood to this area in the body supports important nephritic tubule activity, it also supports the homeostatic balance of intra- and outer or extra-cellular ionic structures, which lead to better cellular health.  The circulation of energy like oxygen directed from the lung toward the Kidney is an important link to a healthy balance in the body, better facilitated through acupuncture and oriental medicine.  Other techniques help build blood oxygenation saturation levels along with the ability of each cell to maximize its energy output.  To support the reduction of an Osteoarthritis condition the breath interacts with the kidney qi to assist in the exchange of oxygen, in turn assisting the circulation of blood and oxygen within the affected joints which in turn stops or greatly reduces and symptoms of exacerbation of the dis-ease.

Within the science of this interaction lies a source, an exchange of ions, of minerals like sodium and potassium along with the prolific yet significant cell called a “Glia cell” Glia cells support the messaging system from the brain to activate blood and oxygen circulation.  Using bone-density scans ancient traditional medical arts can assist in the diagnosis of osteoarthritis acupuncture.  Oriental medicine facilitates and compliments the circulation of blood.  Technical analysis like density tests along with the ancient physiology of traditional oriental medicine becomes an access point to reduce the pain associated with your particular symptoms of Osteoarthritis.

Another ingredient in physiology lies within the brain as thought, an essential organ which commands the autonomic nervous-system and enables kidney tubules to rid the body of expired chemical substances as urine.  Together the brain, lungs and Kidney energy originate inspiration of air through the lungs extremely flexible tissues, oxygenating the mitochondria in each cell.  The lung energy also contributes and maintains immune system strength while reducing the susceptibility to environmental circumstances which cause inflammation and dis-ease.  The brain, lung, and kidney organs coexist within the 5 element models role which also supports and guards longevity through strong congenital essence and mR.N.A. or gene heredity.

Gene heritity is passed through our ancestors, oriental medicine calls this inherited D.N.A. “Congenital Jing” or Essence.  It holds, supports, builds and maintains the strength of qi and blood through the water elements connected life elixir: Acquired essence.  The unwitting and inescapable conscious or unconscious lifestyle and habit choices of each patient, can be supported or reduced, built up or broken down through good and proper diet, body movement, excessive or addictive behavior, each play a role in how a dis-ease can take it’s place in the body.  Acupuncture and oriental medicine help to create the best dynamic possible through guiding the body and patient toward health.  Acupuncture-Alexandria uses oriental medicine at Bodnar Chiropractic clinic to support lifestyle, give health advice and assist the symptoms of osteoarthritis.  Assisting to heal the person with the symptoms of Osteoarthritis, we use one on one customized care model, attending care that deals with your personal symptoms, while working with the patient to facilitate the best health in the body as it changes.

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