Lupus is known in western science journals as an autoimmune disorder.  It could also be referred to as a reversal of immune function, since the immune system of the body which usually works to eliminate inflammation causes the immune response to respond excessively in turn increasing inflammation in the body.  This leads to mild to extreme muscle and joint pain. The symptoms closely resemble Osteoarthritis. and Rheumatoid Arthritis.  Western pharmacology medicine may support the reduction of symptoms, though often patients experience challenging side effects from the strong medicines used to stop the pain. Depending on the severity of symptoms a patient may be unable to overcome the pain through medicine and often the side effects like excessive weight gain are common.

The use of acupuncture assists the body to reduce the inflammation of tissue.  Acupuncture also excels at increasing the circulation of blood and oxygen in the body through manifesting the circulation of life force or Qi within the body.  Becoming proactive with the way the disease manifests in the body each patient responds differently to this immune disorder.  Which creates and opportunity for acupuncture to work even more efficiently!  Because acupuncture treatments improve the micro-circulation of blood and oxygen in each patient each acupuncture treatment is customized to treat and increase your immune system function. This approach works out the best for each patient because the best way to treat you is to understand what treatment will work best for you.

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