Headaches and Migraines

Headaches, they’re one of the most commonly treated issues in the clinic. The most common are tension headaches that feel like mild to intense pain anywhere around the upper neck to the front of the face behind the eyes, it may even feel painful to think.  Tension headaches affect about (20.8% of the population) and are more common in women than men (23% to 18% respectively). What I call “Pressure headaches” which along with migraine headaches are common as well, usually originate due to chronic stress. Acupuncture works to enhance the flow of blood and oxygen and nervous system.  One big solution to help you solve your headache puzzle is recognizing a breakdown or lack of blood flow can be a major cause for the occurrence of headaches. Since each headache has it’s own circumstance and pattern, we work to support blood and oxygen flow while examining lifestyle patterns and early signs that lead to reducing or stopping your specific type of headache.

Personal lifestyle and the causes of your headaches are the focus at acupuncture session.  Knowing the stressors that lead to your specific headache is looked at and specific tools are provided to begin your path toward healing.

If you’re experiencing headaches often enough to interfere with your daily action you will benefit from scheduling an acupuncture session immediately!

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