Fibromyalgia and myomyalgia are both vague and general descriptions of body pain.   Each are diagnosed by palpating or measuring the sensitivity of specific trigger points on the body.  A light touch or pressure is applied to specific areas in order to gain clarity.  It is thought that this pain is the result of your brain amplifying pain signals larger or noisier then normal.  Major symptoms include fatigue, emotional changes in behavior and even changes in mood.  Common associated disorders are anxiety, depression.

Both Fibromyalgia and myomylgia stems from disharmony in the central nervous system and brain and the peripheral nervous-system (the sensing nerves). Acupuncture supports specific messaging neurons in the body to facilitate communication between the brain and the body-mind system.

Treatment goals include reducing muscle spasm and tenderness through Tui-Na massage, stretching and other oriental acupuncture therapies.  Rehabilitative exercises like Tai-Chi and Qi-Gong have also been known to decrease severity, duration and frequency of the pain.

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