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Seasonal Acupuncture is back !

The link between human nature and Chinese Medicine has understood a rich and deeply connected relationship between human beings and their environment for centuries.  The relationship plays a strong role in helping the human physiology and psyche transition as well.  Through centuries this shift or solstice change of seasons adjusts itself as if my magic this shift takes place with no abrupt or noticeable event taking precedence. One season is no stronger or weaker then the other.

This time we support the upcoming autumn or fall season of dry and cool air and leave behind the summer heat.  The body needs to transition from one time of year to the next just like the seasons, the human spirit can become disengaged from the environment when these natural shifts occur in the environment.  The body-mind does not sense this subtle shift or realize its value especially when our lives are so engaged with everyday family and work stress and financial strain of the modern world.

The body-mind needs these same natural adjustments or subtle shifts and acupuncture treatment can assist the mind body and spirit to achieve this shift, often occurring within subtle and quite moments of meditation, prayer and body work each assisting to create the dynamic. Acupuncture treatment will support the shift of physiology as well as spirit while assisting to accommodate the new season to transition the subtle differences in body-mind and physiology from season to season.  In this case the summer heat season gives way to autumn coolness. The goal is to stave off symptoms that occur annually and every year as if they are preprogrammed to express at that same time of year. If you’d like to stop these symptoms that seem to occur year after year, an acupuncture session devoted toward seasonal shift of body mind or the subtle body-mind energy is an exact and precise way to achieve it.  You’ll be amazed, energized and most likely sleep better too !  Without symptoms that nag at you year after year your body mind and spirit will witness the subtle yet dramatic effects of change that are in synchronicity with the four seasonal change.  Since seasonal changes keep happening cycle after cycle and year after year, it’s time you, your mind-body shift as well. Robert Hoffman can be reached at 703-721-0500 or visit…



We’re here to help… !

Thanks to movement in New-Age healing ideas and the patient demand for results oriented and centered wellness treatment, I am excited to offer Healthy Mind-Spirit Wellness Coaching…

These Ultimate Wellness Programs are designed to offer you guidance, support, and accountability in the key areas of your life. Our main focus is supporting higher levels of conscious awareness and lifestyles. An integration toward day to day thoughtfulness, so that you can finally put yourself and your wellbeing first, with out any outside emotional turmoil. “Feel Like you’re a Sweepstakes Winner” in your professional and personal life and find new levels of inner-vitality, spontaneous fun, emotional sensations of aliveness, along with more self-confidence then ever.

I’m delighted to offer you new approaches and direction to optimize your own inner relationship wellness, as well as extend it to those around you. The ripple effect of generating your own increased emotional energy and wellbeing will easily extend to relationships with family and friends, and interaction with all areas of your work activity, ultimately adding to higher quality of self reliance and confidence. You are already familiar with these tools yet maybe unsure how to simply apply them.

Our focus is on your thoughts and decisions. These tools will help elevate personal awareness and gain new perspectives to information that is already in your ’minds eye’ and what you already know your heart, the greatest experiences we have in life originate from a place called ‘the heart center’, we’re simply bringing it out and into the open, where you can see it admire, use and apply it to achieve your best advantage and outcome.