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Reflections on Acupuncture in Today’s Healthcare System

Acupuncture Provides Health and Wellness Along with Personalized Care that is unseen in the highly automated state of Allopathic Care.  Holistic Health And Treatment Sustains Life Through Herbal Medicine and the Comprehensive and Close Attendance by a Highly Trained and Caring Acupuncturist Robert Hoffman N.C.C.A.O.M. Florida and Virginia.  

At a time in America’s progressive health care history Acupuncture currently is currently being received warmly and receptively, a bright spot and shining light for those seeking personal and responsible natural-health-care.  Used as Preventative Medicine, Acupuncture assists people natural innate healing skills, innate knowledge and wisdom.  Acupuncture supports healing your personal issue. With guidance, acupunctures various treatments and herbal medicine helps to sustain long term health and wellness, while reducing or stopping the dis-ease process.

To maintain that health and wellness, ongoing support and care is provided on a personal needs basis as well as seasonal session work, timed with the four seasonal changes, acupuncture balances the mind body and spirit and strengthens immune system health.    Acupuncture and herbal medicine excel in the  reduction in stress, and is especially noted for improving nighttime sleep.  It increases energy, promotes longevity and treats the body in a holistic and natural approach and continuously improves, heals and strengthens the path toward daily health improvement.

Acupuncture and other oriental healing treatments are an effective approach in the healing process of Chinese Medicine.  Benefiting the body physically, emotionally and spiritually treatments are relaxing, immediately reducing the stress response in the body.  Acupuncture treats as assortment of complaints like  acute chronic and mysterious pain symptoms and stress.  As well as digestive, gynecological, seasonal respiratory disorders and many other issues.  The time taken to listen, advice and treat each person creates a personal and unique experience at each visit In most cases a thorough session is provided by treating the back and front sides (or both sides) of the patient in a single session.  This helps create an even better “balance” and holistic body treatment, supporting efficient therapeutic experience with optimal results.
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The Triune Brain and the Water Element

The water element and the P.F.C.’s deep interconnected neurophysiology personify the alchemy between the physical and emotional component of living within community, and the complex internal essence and connections toward the “self.”  Every conscious and unconscious thought or awareness is dealt with emotionally and physically at the same time; as psychosomatic and physiological response mechanisms. Hormones help the pre-frontal cortex(P.FC.) feed our thought process through neuropeptides that connect the body’s complex interaction of outside stimulus protecting  the body from dis-ease).

Specifically, the P.F.C. helps our physical/emotional aspect of living in the moment in a community or the larger context, though it also subordinates individual behaviors within the cultures expected behaviors and prior costumes, which exist deep within our collective consciousness. In contrast, it supports the individual thoughts that thrive within that culture with their own personal approach, feelings and life long pursuits and goals.

The 2nd area is the mid-brain area, it covers the reticular brain system and is believed to hold key behaviors and responses. This area, combines the P.F.C.  and the brain stem to forge the broad range of emotional connections used throughout everyday life.

The 3rd area is the brain stem. It stores survival mechanisms incorporated from very early primal evolutionary processes.  It holds these survival mechanisms and exchanges that instinctual information upward to the P.F.C. and the reticular brain mechanisms which engage us to be playful, and to work well together.  In turn the brain records your experience of life’s emotional up and downs and more basic flight or fight responses when you get into a stressful moment.  And then recalls that information again and again, building on the last “successful” experience of not being put into danger, hurt, or killed.

The brain stem is heavily dependant on the P.F.C and another part of the brain called the cerebellum to help create the physical actions that keep the brain consistently in balance.  The alchemy that exits within the brains physical and emotional component is held closely to the inherent connection of living within community.  We could not survive alone in the world without other people.  The complex internal essence and connections toward the self and other is the main key to how this complex circuitry of neurons we know as the brain coexist with outside forces.


Physiology and Spirituality; an Integration

The neurophysiology of the nervous system and the brain that commands that system can be fully integrated to include traditional oriental medicine (T.O.M.) Included here is an introduction to a broad view of brain physiology along with a description of 5 stages of thought including details of how thought interacts with the Eastern concept of brain-mind and Shen to alleviate symptoms and reduce disease states.

If thought could be temporarily paused and looked upon as one segment, it would manifest a full cycle through the 5 elements of  T.O.M.  Ideally, if it doesn’t complete the cycle, it falls into incomplete thought process which many contemporary therapies name as a source of dysfunction.  Here are the 5 cycles of thought as process.

The Water element is seen as relating to the Will or willpower, The Wood element as the process of Decision, The Fire element is seen as relating to the creation of Action, The Earth element is related to Response, or the ability to respond and lastly the Metal element is used as a metaphor to help the reader comprehend thought as a process for the Creation of outcome, or actionable thought-full process… (the full work is currently in edit review.)




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Acceptance and Nature of Traditional Medicine

In recent years, Western populations have begun to recognize the Traditional Medicine of East Asia and China as effective. More and More, we see news articles and journals and educational videos of this supposed “foreign” and “ancient” medicine for various health benefits. From a western perspective there has been some standoffishness by certain people, scientists, or western medical doctors to the acceptance of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Some completely denounce and deny its validity, as others are more excepting.

 Some reasons for the lack of confidence in TCM from a “western” “scientific” perspective, is 1) that it holds theories and ideas that ARE completely foreign from any western knowledge, 2) results are not ALWAYS immediate, or over night, 3) ample, DECENT and PROPER research studies are lacking. To answer to these, 1) Ideas that are not an inherent part of a culture are discarded as non-truth, as in other cultures in which people accept these same ideas from the time they were born, it is obviously easier to accept and embrace them as truth. The most basic example of this is of the concept Qi or energy. I have heard people say, “oh, i don’t believe in Qi, I don’t buy that.” But if you say, Qi is energy, and actually all energies to include potential, kinetic, chemical, thermal, electrical, then the person says “well, i guess I do believe in those energies, so now maybe I accept the concept of Qi.” This is the most common example of how peoples view as to what is TRUTH can change simple because of their “perspective” on the matter, or “wrapping their mind around the concept.” Nothing actually changed, it was simply a perception. So, when we are presented with new ideas, it is important to be very careful, to honestly consider the idea, before denouncing it. This is easily seen now, as in the past, scientists and medical doctors discarded Traditional Chinese Medicine and now they are beginning to accept its methods, some completely, and some to a certain extent.

To Respond to reason 2) in Chinese medicine, results are not always immediate. They can very often be immediate, however, sometimes things take time. Some longer then others. This is because this is a very natural medicine. Literally referring to nature. People don’t just wake up one day and the season has changed, or they have aged 10 years in one night, or a seed has turned into a tree in 1 week, or a trickle of water into a raging river in 1 month. Nature takes time to correctly bring about beautiful things. Many people have been trained to expect immediate results from a western medical concept, mainly because the methods and medications are very extreme and powerful, such as surgery or corticosteroids. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes this is very necessary in more extreme cases. However, from a nurturing, natural life course perspective, sometimes things take time… days, weeks, months, or even a life time. This obviously depends on the condition, chronicity, and individual. Reason 3) is quite interesting. The lack of PROPER research. This is beginning to change as in general, simply MORE research is being done. However, besides, lack of the quantity of research, it is also very difficult to create research on acupuncture or chinese medicine based on the scientific method and double blind studies for several reasons. For example, it is hard to create a “sugar pill” equivalent for a placebo effect for acupuncture. Some ideas are just needling different points, or needling less deep, etc. However, with acupuncture being so dynamic and frequently changing the bodies energetics it is difficult to needle a person, and not create ANY effect. Not to mention the numerous variables and differences that occur in each person and in each study situation. In addition, blind and double blind studies are not 100% correct ever time.

To Conclude: I sat down with the intention to write about something completely different, like fertility or something, however this is what manifested as my fingers got typing. This is a brilliant example of the nature of things. Just as this article was written, I see quite often in my patients, that while we are both working to resolve one issue, that issue remains but other issues resolve. This is an example how how nature takes its course as long as you sit with good intentions. Good is always being done regardless of the perception. Even though our “desire” was to resolve one issue, another issue was resolved. In comparison, when it is winter we may desire for summer, however, we need to respect nature and realize that we may have to wait. Every thing in its proper time and proper place. Once the person realizes the nature of life and artfully practices life in this way, he or she becomes closer to harmony with nature. Can Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture work quickly? Absolutely! Some people see the “desired” results in 1 treatment, some after treatment 5 or 7, and some after a few months. However, if it is more of a process, realize this reason why it is a process – because you are being kind and nurturing your body in a natural way. Sometimes Chinese medicine is trying to correct or balance a life long of events that brought a person to a specific place or state. Everything is constantly changing, Bodies, Lives, The Planet. Simply observe, respect, and with good intention, nature will take its course.

Peace, Blessing and Happiness to All

Christopher Grodski, L.Ac., Dipl. OM