Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Feeling dizzy or like you could pass out ?  Feelings of nervousness that come out of no where create fear of an in-ability to control your body.  An unfortunate, though very typical example of anxiety or nervousness. Feelings of panic or lack of control over your thoughtful action are also called anxiousness or feelings of panic.  Many people suffer from anxiety or feelings of panic, you’re not alone!  Elevated levels of stress that are not dealt with will create anxious feelings. Many people turn to anxiety medicines that tend to flatten emotional responses making people feel robotic like and shunned by peers. Medical Doctors wrote 44 million prescriptions for Xanax and 27.7 million for Lexapro. .

Acupuncture can re-establish homeostasis in the body-mind connection.  I also use guided imagery to reduce the causes of anxiety or panick.

Take the first step toward reducing the sudden onset of uncontrollable feelings like anxiety or panic by using acupuncture to reconnect body, mind spirit.  Control how your body responds to stressful situations…!

You may be trying to cope with anxiety by self medicating with alcohol or drugs, acupuncture will assist to stop the cycle of self abuse.

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