Allergy symptoms and anyone who understands the condition called “asthma” understand and know seasonal allergies can turn up as the weather changes and new weather conditions phase in four times each 12 month calendar cycle.  Fall is a major time for pollen in the air, as well as in spring when things are blooming and trees are starting to gain the leaves that cause many people who suffer from immune deficiency to flare or have an Allergic Immune Response. These allergy reactions can be mild or severe.  Becoming congested in the nose throat or lungs can cause anaphylaxis shock if untreated not to mention the challenges of getting the proper amount of air to the lungs can be difficult when allergic reactions occur.

The western pharmacological approach works well especially for acute cases of life or death conditions where the body responds so quickly that the nervous system literally stops the symptom.  The problem with that approach is how much then or when does that medicine know when to stop working ?  The biggest problem, is the fact that many patients are unaware of how important stress recognition can play such a major role in the treatment of the fear created around this dis-ease issue.

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