Addiction is insidious and can easily become a way of life. When you least expect it you may find alcohol or drugs overtaking your life.  By directing your behaviors around using alcohol, a drug or substance of choice to alleviate stress or feelings you aren’t able or ready to face.  Addictions can be addressed and there is a better way. By learning coping skills to deal with life’s challenges.

I have a background and have a deep interest in working with addiction, I use acupuncture and herbal medicine to reduce the crave response of addiction. Addictive tendency is not a personality disorder and it can be controlled, first deciding to stop addiction is the first step and can be a challenge.  I can assist you on the path to detoxify your body and reduce the crave response within a few days.  Stopping the crave response clears the ability to think and act clearly. You don’t’ need to be alone in your addiction!

Addiction treatment is a sensitive issue, and is approached by Dr. Robert from a proactive, engaged point of view. Depending on the substance or addiction tendency and use acupuncture and herbal medicine can help create the first stage or process of shift. Using acupuncture and herbs to stop the dysfunctional behavior of using the D.O.C.(drug of choice) or, I use acupuncture and herbs to assist you to remain highly conscious and aware of the dysfunctional behavior. We always refer out to local counselors or a local psychologist or personal life coach when needed.

A larger determinant to addiction behavior is tied to the inability to stop the impulse to use alcohol, cigarettes, drugs and even behaviors. Each could be seen as impulsive and possessing addictive tendencies One of the brain’s major targeted activity is the charge to create an action plan, or to create thoughts and action to fulfill the need for the action as good or beneficial for our survival. The D.O.C. can easily fill this need for the brain.

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