Acupuncture is an effective approach to relieve pain and emotional stress. It works by balancing one’s energy and unblocking stagnation, resulting in decreased pain levels.

Acupuncture and its other modalities encompass Traditional Chinese Medicine, which is a 4000 year old system of healing. Assorted techniques are used to help the body achieve the maximum healing effect and essentially the body learns how to help itself, this is a tool to help facilitate that process.

Casey’s treatments combine a mix of eastern and western techniques; acupuncture, herbs, and nutrition to support and facilitate balance within the physical and spiritual realm of the body.

She will take the time to observe and listen to your needs and goals in order to create a treatment plan that works for you. Casey has many years of experience treating a wide array of issues and truly enjoys being able to work with people on their journey towards better health.

In today’s modern world Acupuncture is finally receiving wide acceptance as the respected and valid form of healthcare that it is. It can treat a variety of common and uncommon complaints. Some of its highlights address; pain chronic and acute, digestive, gynecological, endocrinological, dermatological and emotional discomforts.

Each treatment will address any issues that the patient is expressing and a tailored and focused approach will be created in order to ensure that they leave feeling better after the session, than when they came in.

Casey’s treatments are unique, nurturing, and relaxing and she welcomes any questions you may have before, during, or after your sessions.

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