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“Elevating the Healing Traditions of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine in the Alexandria Community.”


20150908_112141Casey Corridan is an experienced and licensed Acupuncturist, certified herbalist and Nutritional Health Coach who loves what she does for a living.

She became interested in Acupuncture through her studies and background in psychology. She knew that whatever she would do in this world, it would be working with and helping others. Corridan discovered Chinese and Holistic Medicine through her own need for it and was amazed by the results. In her practice today she is constantly impressed to see how a patients well being and health is improved by combining the art of TCM theory and knowledge with a passion for what she does. Nutrition, herbs and counseling are also strong components of helping each patient feel better and become healthier. Casey moved to Virginia in 2013  from New York City where she had a very successful practice.

If acupuncture has been recommended for you by a friend, family member or medical doctor, but you are apprehensive about making a first appointment, we invite you to learn more about Casey Corridan and our Alexandria VA Acupuncture services.

Treatments Offered

Offering acupuncture, holistic health and wellness care in Alexandria for specific ailments as well as general health and well being. Acupuncturist Casey Corridan is researching and writing progressive methods seeking to unite thought to physical manifestation of dis-ease states.  Acupuncture (including, cupping, moxibustion and tui-na), along with Chinese herbal medicine, Tai Chi and meditation, treatment methods are derived from traditional Chinese Medicine’s holistic approach to treating the manifestations/symptom that people experience, as well as the root cause.

Like a Disharmony within our Immune System,  lifestyle choice can cause many ailments or disease states.  Specific treatments are customized and tailored for each patient.  Casey offers an authentic and unique approach that is relaxing, while remaining therapeutic.

Oriental Medicine is gaining popularity through high success rates, benefits and patient satisfaction.  From an easy and comfortable affect, relieving symptoms acupuncture will greatly benefiting thought as mind-full awareness, begin Your path to greater wellness.   Call or email the office for your personal appt. today!

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